Herbs one of natures way in restoring and protecting the body



Background and history: 

   In 2008, I was diagnosed with stage 111A breast and lymphoma cancer. I choose natural methods instead of conventional treatments of radiation and chemotherapy (documented 100% cancer free). In August 2013, due to environmental conditions it returned; metastatic disease with bony metastases. The left hip replacement and pathologic compression fracture to L2 (collapse of a vertebra) original prognoses; four months.  Again choose to take my health back into my own hands using natural methods. (documented by the cancer Institute).Today I remain once again, with full confidence in the future.

          In 2008, I began my journey in research and discovered how one could possibly reverse  disease and the causes that

      surrounded it, I was personally successful!  In 2013, another journey; but much worse and the question remained; how

      could this be possible.  It was at that point I then stumbled upon the cause outside of the body environmental issue in

       my temporary residence and furthered expansion of environmental toxins.  

I have consumed over 8,000 plus hours of research since 2008; by leading Scientist, Dr.'s, Universities, pubmed, medical journals and  alternative media.  Now I bring this knowledge with understanding of how to others as well.  Simple steps that may help prevent, may help reduce, may help reverse  disease along with strengthening the immune system that may potentially help prevent viral infections.   In my personal belief and experience there is no one "so called cure," however with some basic combinations and lifestyle changes anyone can accomplish a positive well-being; the natural way.  Live life the way it was intended and the body has ability in  healing and reversing symptoms. Prevention is the first  with simple steps but if your health is poor, there's hope;  you too can take action that may help change your outcome forever no matteryour battle!


Stage four cancer (prognoses; four months) took my health back in my own hands without conventional treatments...

Our bodies posses the natural ability to heal